Can I get rid of the paint on my Ugg boots?

Query by j’adore_des_framboises: Can I get rid of the paint on my Ugg boots?
I have a pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots, and I not too long ago spilled black paint on them. The paint can be removed from ordinary outfits with stain remover, but Uggs, of program, cannot get soaked simply because of the leather.
The paint is dry, and is tiny(only about a centimeter wide). It isn’t going to look like a stain, it looks like it dropped on my boots and got stuck in the furry leather.
Is there any way that I can get rid of the paint from my boots without having damaging the leather-based?

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Response by shan
Attempt Petroleum (Fuel) it operates fantastic on all sort of stains including Gum sticked on our gown

Just dip petrol in a cotton ball and wipe that on the place in which the stain is…it will get rid of from ur shoes…

Try this out and give me 10 details

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