What cleaning products cleanse Ugg boots apart from the Official Ugg cleaning stuff?

Question by Shelly Dame: What cleaning merchandise cleanse Ugg boots aside from the Official Ugg cleaning stuff?
My light-weight brown ugg boots are rather soiled and men and women have stated to not place them in the washing machine and i never really want to hand wash them since i am terrified i am going to wreck them. So, i know that the cleansing products from the Ugg website are beneficial and clear them but i will not really have that variety of cash to commit on cleansing stuff proper now so does anyone else have any cleaning goods they use for their uggs that’s more affordable?

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Response by Nicole H
Use white vinegar blend it in a bowl or bucket w/ h2o and take a sponge and soak it up. Pat it on the boot from top rated to the bottom with a circular motion. The filth and stains must begin coming off. Immediately after your done and the boot is moist place some newspaper(rolled up) inside of your boots to make the boots stand tall although there drying.

Items to observe out for:
Do not set them in the sunlight to dry.
Dont rub the boot!when you are cleaning them.

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