What is actually a good substitute to UGG Boots with the very same heat and ease and comfort?

Query by Naughty ?Angel? Mommy2B!: What is a great alternative to UGG Boots with the exact same heat and comfort and ease?
I dwell in NYC and vacation to New Hampshire a good deal, so I require a actually very good, heat pair of boots for winter. I wished to purchase the UGG Sundance II, but all the fashion magazines say they are no more time in style, even although I always see individuals putting on them, anyway.

What is a great choice? I know Minnetonka had some good kinds final calendar year, but I’m not confident if they’re in design anymore, either. I am tempted to just not care and acquire the UGG boots in any case, but they’re $ 200!!! If there is a cheaper, trendier choice that is just as warm and very good in the snow, remember to permit me know.

Thanks for your solution!

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Response by bamz1280
There are some called EMU and they are just as cute as ugg’s and are a lot less high-priced..

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